Noggin Credits FAQ


What is Noggin Credits?

Noggin Credits is what you earn from the sharing of your personal data. For example in the use of Podsense. Noggin Credits can be exchanged for cash based on a pre-defined exchange rate and following the terms and conditions which are described in further details below.

Why am I paid Noggin Credits?

You are paid Noggin Credits for consenting to trade your personal data. By agreeing to share your personal data anonymously, Sellers are able to match you with the most relevant Cards and for appropriate benefits. Sellers pay Noggin to share their Cards with you and Noggin shares this fee with you in the form of Noggin Credits.

How am I paid Noggin Credits?

Every time you see a Card on your device, your personal data is being used to match the profile specified by the Seller of the products or services offered in the Card. When your personal data is used for matching, you will be rewarded with Noggin Credits. You can see your Credit earnings displayed in the Credits Counter at the top right of your screen as well as in your Dashboard.

What can I do to earn more Noggin Credits?

You get awarded Noggin Credits when your personal data is matched by the Sellers. To earn more Credits, you need to ensure that your Personal Data is accurate and complete. You can update your Personal Data via POD Browser [Link]. And to simplify this for you, in addition to manual input of your data, you can download your data from various sources (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

The more complete and accurate your information in your POD (Privately Owned Data), the better the chances of you getting matched by the Sellers.

You also need to view the Cards matched to you. Whenever you view a Card, you will see the Credits Counter increasing accordingly. The number of Credits awarded for each Card is different. It is dependent on multiple factors including the number of Podders matched, the popularity of the Cards, your actions, the completeness and usability of your Personal Data, etc.

How much are my Credits worth?

The current exchange rate for Noggin Credits is:

1000 Noggin Credits = SGD $1

Please note that Noggin reserves the right to change the Exchange Rates at any time. Please check back here for the current Exchange Rate.

When can I start exchanging my Credits for Cash/Vouchers?

For each redemption, you can exchange your Credits once you have accumulated the following:

  • Starting minimum redemption of 10,000 Noggin Credits
  • Subsequent redemption in blocks of 10,000 Noggin Credits

How do I exchange my Credits for Cash/Vouchers?

In the Podsense app, please navigate to the Dashboard tab and tap on Redeem

We are continuously working to offer other payment modes and will provide more detail when they are made available.

Do my Credits expire?

There is no expiration date for your earned Credits currently. However, please note that this may change in the future.

What if I closed my Account?

If you closed your Account, then any remaining Credits not exchanged will be forfeited.

NOTE : Noggin reserves the right to change the above information without prior notice.



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