Noggin Pod Browser Features


Viewing the private data in your Pod and dashboard

The Noggin Pod (“Pod”) is organized into persona modules of demographic profile info and data summaries. Data collected by the Pod owner (“Podder”) is summarized into data-point charts or statistics like count of online followings/followers, frequency of social activities, frequency at certain locations, etc.

There are also Pod dashboards highlighting the performance indices like data completeness, quality, marketability, privacy protection, etc.


Reclaiming your own data and up-keeping your Pod

At any time, you can reclaim your personal data from your apps, devices or digital footprints. From the developers’ community, different data source collectors known as MetaPlugs, are available for your selection to acquire data.

Under Manage Data Sources, from your list of selected MetaPlugs, you can view the Plug info, re-run, or cancel.

Data summary info in the Pod is usually non-editable to preserve the data provenance from the original sources. Some like interests, hobbies, home address, etc, are editable through manual override feature as such personal data change over time along with the Podder’s journey. However over-changing can lead to poorer data quality rating that can affect the Podder’s integrity in the marketplace.


Managing your Pod data-sharing permissions

Any 3rd-party access or sharing of data inside Pod must require the Podder’s consent of permission. A business service like an app can request for data through the smart data contract feature. In Pod, a consent permit is codified as a smart data contract that is tracked and checked for proper authorization at every access.

For example in the case of Podsense, when you sign in for the first-time, you can opt in to accept a “debiting” contract for the requested dataset in order to use the app.

Under Manage Data Permissions, from your list of consent permits, you can view the contract info, renew, cancel or suspend.


Housekeeping your Pod

At any time, you can change your Pod password through the reset password feature. It is recommended you practice good personal security hygiene by changing your password every 60 days. The Pod technology implements a strong password management by design.

Currently when your encrypted Pod is in the cloud deployed by Noggin Asia, it is automatically backed up on a regular basis using the standard backup service of the cloud provider like AWS.



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