Companies are making billions of dollars from your data and even though it is your data, you do not get a single cent of it. Introducing Podsense, an app that actually pays you for sharing your data. You are awarded cash-convertible Noggin Credits every time your personal data is matched.

In addition to receiving Noggin Credits, you will also get the benefit of receiving personalized and relevant offers. This is done privately and securely over the POD Privacy Preserving Platform.

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Easy To Use

Simple Tinder-style swipe actions to indicate your interest and tap to view the Benefit Cards.

And one more tap to get connected with the Merchant to close the deal.

Auto-populate your POD with your data from Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile devices, etc.

Able to access and update your personal data on mobile devices or via the web.

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Data protection and privacy regulations

All your data is fully encrypted, you and only you (not even Noggin) have the key to access your data.

As Podsense is sitting on Noggin’s POD Privacy Preserving and Consent-based Platform, it automatically meets the legal obligations where appropriate. You have total control of your data, you decide what data you want to keep and only share Data that you give consent to. All shared data is anonymised and privacy-preserved i.e. no identifiable data is provided.

For an even more secure online experience, Podsense has also adopted using 16-character Passphrases for logging in. Passphrases are easier to remember and includes all the security afforded by traditional passwords including upper and lower cases, punctuation and numbers. With a 16-character Passphrase, it is near impossible to crack.

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Personalized Matching

Only receive Cards that are matched to your personal data. You control how relevant the Cards you get via a simple Relevancy Matching slider.

Enjoy discovering new products and services recommended and personalised specifically for people with the same profile as yours.

It is fully transparent, you always know which of your personal data is used for matching and you can decide which Cards you no longer want to see.

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Benefit-focused Cards

Receive promotions, recommendations and new products introduction, participate in data offers, polls and surveys; be an active participant in the new data economy.

As these are personalised Cards, our Sellers are also strongly encouraged to convey the Benefits of the offers, why and how it is beneficial specifically for your profile.

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Noggin Credits & Personal Dashboard

We pay you cash-convertible Noggin Credits for trading your data.


Earn Credits every time you are matched, see your Credits increase with every swipe. The more complete your personal data, the higher the chances of being matched i.e. more Cards equals more Credits. You also have your own personal dashboard to view your Credits performance (against other Podders) and other market info.



To find out more about our products and services, feel free to email us at general@nogginasia.com

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